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September 14, 2028, Elephant and Castle, London I’m down at the new PBC (Peoples Broadcasting Centre) to cover the Plaid Cymru leader becoming newly appointed chair of the Council of the Isles. It’s been nine years since the fire at Notre Dame and eight years since the Zuckenberg Trial. Looking back it all seemed to […]

Large parts of the Amazon rainforest are on fire – to an extent that in the Brazilian megacity of Sao Paulo, the skies were darkened, the street lights switched on in the afternoon, and the sun itself appears eclipsed – a truly apocalyptic scenario that can be seen on NASA satellite images. Across Brazil, more […]

The Angry Scotland team assess the grim phenomenon of Boris Johnson …

IT’S GERS time again. I’m not sure whether the annual bun fight regarding Scotland’s notional budget deficit is proving enlightening. Nevertheless, let’s see if we can winnow some facts from the arguments and counter arguments. 1 Do the GERS numbers represent anything real? GERS means Government Expenditure review Scotland. We’ve had one annually since the […]

“Brexit is about England. It’s an English nationalist movie,” claimed Fintan O’Toole in his part-outsider diagnosis of current constitutional disorders. At the Edinburgh Book Festival the Irish journalist and author of ‘Heroic Failure: Brexit and Politics of Pain’ spoke of English nationalism as the “undoubted emotional driver” behind Brexit. It’s a now familiar story. Post-imperial […]

On 26 July, on the first official phone call between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Donald Trump, both leaders agreed that Brexit offered an “unparalleled opportunity” to strengthen the UK-US special relationship. The conversation followed various exchanges of affection, flattery and praise between both men. Taken together with Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s recent trip […]

Edinburgh is buzzing. It’s week three and the kids shows are packed-out, despite the Scottish schools being back from their summer holidays. Funny that. The response to the CITIZEN’s film by Bonnie Prince Bob has been a mixture of vitriol and epiphany, hyper-defensiveness and celebration. 50k people have watched it and it’s garnered over 1000 […]

As Europe crumbles under the weight of its colonial and ecological debt – state sanctioned actions – sometimes performed by private actors will become evermore extreme, Layla-Roxanne Hill reports from Fortress Europe. Exiting the Channel Tunnel and arriving into mainland Europe, is a sight which no photo app is able to filter into a social […]

Bho chionn bheagan mhìosan a-nis, tha mi air a bhith ag obair air rannsachadh airson sreath do dh’obraichean ealain ùra. Tha riamh ùidh air a bhith agam anns a’ cheangal a th’ againn ris an àrainneachd agus ris an t-saoghal – gu h-àraid a’ coimhead air cho dlùth ’s a tha a’ bheatha ris an […]

Earlier this month I was at the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh to take part in one of a series of events celebrating the legacy of Hamish Henderson in what would have been his 100th year. His most famous work, the ‘Freedom Come All Ye’ is a song of liberation and international reconciliation. Out of […]

You probably didn’t need reminded that Aaron Banks is a bit of a shitebag, but in case you were in any doubt at all he helpfully tweeted this about Greta Thunberg who is traveling the North Atlantic by boat “Freak yachting accidents do happen in August”. Thunberg attracts disproportionate hostility because she’s young, female and […]

Dominic Cummings is the brains behind Boris. But his dangerous ramblings amount to wanting to re-engineer society by transforming our education system based on dangerous eugenics. In Britain Conservatism isn’t working. Parliament isn’t sitting. The Constitution isn’t functioning. Even the electricity supply isn’t operating. Conservatism is definitely not working. The Scottish Conservatives meantime, past masters […]

SHOULD the Scottish Government take Ferguson Marine Engineering into public ownership, to save it from financial collapse? Recently, the SNP government came under trades union pressure to nationalise the historic St Rollox ‘Caley’ rail maintenance facility in Glasgow. In that case, Nicola Sturgeon declined though she is in favour of re-nationalising the ScotRail franchise at […]

55 years ago this week 18-year-old Stuart Christie from Partick was arrested while carrying explosives to assassinate General Franco. He was later alleged to be a member of the Angry Brigade, but was acquitted of related charges. He went on to found the Cienfuegos Press publishing house and in 2008 the online Anarchist Film Channel […]

Eric Arthur Blair, or George Orwell as he is more commonly known, is a paradoxical figure. He was the author of two pretty wooden novels (Animal Farm and 1984) which nonetheless had a tremendous impact and influence on society and are still widely read today. An Eton-educated scholarship boy, Orwell was also something of a […]

Last week I gave away a bottle of whisky to some complete strangers. I always do it during the first week-end of August. Love it. It’s my favourite week-end of the year. Mind you they had to earn it. You see for the last few years I have run this street theatre stunt at Inverness’s […]

from Gàidhlig Gu Leòr – Apple Clips This video DESTROYS anti-Gaelic bigotry in just SIXTY seconds… Wow! We literally spent £20 million on this video – money well spent smashing Gaelic myths from the Empire State and beyond…

Timing is everything in politics, so it’s particularly strange that Stuart Campbell should use this week to float the idea of his new party. It was according to Nicola Sturgeon a ‘watershed week for Scotland’s future’ – with polls showing the tide turning for independence and Labour and Scottish Labour in complete chaos. Into this […]

Recorded at Chem 19, Karine Polwart’s Scottish Songbook features Steven Polwart and Inge Thomson, with Graeme Smillie (bass and keys), Calum McIntyre (kit and percussion) and Louis Abbott of Admiral Fallow (vocals, guitar & percussion). Karine says, “To me, these are songs of resilience and resistance, cries of despair and dreams of something better. They’re […]

As Scottish Labour form a disorderly circular firing squad and 2014 No Voters watch nervously as a No Deal scenario snaps into sharp focus, we are witnessing (finally) the end days of Britain. It’s unraveling in unseemly chaos. Even Simon Jenkins writing with dripping condescension in the Guardian observed: “Johnson is in a long line […]

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