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Bella is closed for annual holiday. Back at end of July.

Whether we want to admit it or not, climate breakdown is already upon us: record-breaking heat waves, flash floods, wildfires. Climate change does not cause all of these things to happen, it amplifies them. This is not happening in some far off place, it is the weather where you are. If we read the science […]

We’re building an independent media of fresh thinking for a new Scotland. Read our daily comment and analysis – our arts & cultural coverage – our analysis of media failure and triumph – our international coverage – and much more. Read our regular columnists: George Gunn writes his regular ‘From the Province of the Cat’ […]

Glasgow is Scotland’s first city in size and importance. There are of course several different Glasgows – from the official council area of 621,020 inhabitants to the metropolitan region of between 1.2 million to 1.7 million people, depending on the definition. Glasgow matters. It’s success, wellbeing, vibrancy, the happiness of its people, sustainability, and state […]

By graphic novel creators Metaphrog aka John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs @metaphrog: Small Press Day 2019 this Saturday July 13th will see a celebration of self-publishing, DIY culture, and grassroots comics across the UK and Ireland. Small Press Day started from a Twitter conversation in 2016 that led initially to a buzz and almost immediately […]

WHO does Boris Johnson really represent? Put another way, which groups in society fund a hard Brexit and Boris Johnson’s election campaign. The answer is a specific splinter group of City finance capitalists who run so-called “hedge funds”. Among the City hedge fund operators backing Boris are David Lilley of RK Capital, Jon Wood of […]

Deirdre Brock MP has been doing a great job unearthing the amount of money being spent by David Mundell’s Scotland Office. The figures are vast and shocking and new, and signs of a new desperation … these are vast sums of money being ploughed into British propaganda …

Katie Gallogly-Swan assesses the state of democracy in Scotland after twenty years of devolution: “the question facing this young institution is whether the recent wave of democratic ‘innovation’ will simply change the parameters of management, or indeed be an opportunity to meaningfully release power not simply with the aim to pursue Scottish independence, but to […]

MOJO RISIN’: 30 years on, Rangers’ signing of Maurice Johnston proved a missed opportunity in the fight against sectarianism in Scottish football. It was July 1989, exactly thirty years ago this week, when Graeme Souness’s Rangers stunned the world of Scottish football by signing the striker Maurice Johnston from under the noses of the Glasgow […]

Award-winning fiddler and singer Rona Wilkie on the tension between being part of a liberal arts sector but also performing traditional music from a rural highland background: “Although not all in rural Scotland have been brought up in a religious organisation with such rigid ideas of love and sexuality, the power of these discourses permeate […]

Some speakers have a dream. I have a nightmare. It is to find myself locked in a dark, airless nursery cupboard, somewhere in the south of England, with Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Theresa May and Paul Dacre, former editor of the Daily Mail. In the darkness, I hear their snuffling and sniggering as they crawl […]

Bella’s Album of the Week – each week we give you one of the best new albums about. This week we have Steg G’s The Air in Between featuring the Empress, Freestyle Master, Solareye, and CCTV, a rich mix of talent ….

In England, nationalism is a dirty word. It is tinged with disgrace, outrage, illegitimacy if not illegality. Like an unwanted dog or an unpleasing book, nationalism is always something to be put down. Indian, American, Zimbabwean, Jamaican: nationalism was the force that fought back against Empire, and won. Naturally it’s not much celebrated by the […]

A man falls from the sky out of an plane into the back-garden of a house in Clapham. His partially frozen body makes an indent. Like a sign from the heavens of a world completely out of control, it passes the headlines for a day and then is forgotten. Theses signs are increasing now. Like […]

Some notes on Boris Johnson (Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson) by Edwin Hayward. (NOTE: Each of the stories below is sourced from mainstream media, audio or video recordings. Please refer to the source listed for each quote or incident for full context.) RACISM & XENOPHOBIA 1 SEXISM & CHAUVINISM 4 HOMOPHOBIA 6 LIES 7 BREXIT […]

An open letter to the Scottish Government on Gaelic language development policy in Scotland by Màrtainn Mac a’ Bhàillidh: As a young architect I was drawn to working in the Isle of Skye by my commitment to Scotland’s Gaelic language. Having been an active member of the SNP for over 15 years, joining shortly after […]

Decline at first seems like a slow process, then collapse comes quickly. As the Labour vote sinks to 18% the far-right of the Conservative Party has re-located to Brussels in the host body of Farage’s latest incarnation where they can indulge their fantasy of oppression. Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe made her maiden speech in […]

The FIFA Women’s World Cup has been lauded as a game-changer, a moment of huge cultural shift. In terms of coverage it has gone mainstream with 11 million people watching the US-England game in the UK, in terms of culture it has been ‘normalised’ and it is a breakthrough moment where iconic images and stars […]

George Kerevan on tech players, cryptocurrencies and deregulating money… \ CRYPTOCURRENCIES: WILL LIBRA MAKE US FREE? \ I’VE been off for a few weeks dealing with family things. Meantime the global and UK economies have been doing their thing. \ The US central bank (the Fed) has started backtracking on its earlier decision to raise […]

The Scottish Cringe as described by Beveridge and Turnbull (1989) refers to the Scots lacking personal and political confidence in their ability to govern themselves. Beveridge and Turnbull (1989) argue the Scots suffer from a sense of psychological inferiority in which Scots have come to see themselves and they are seen by England i.e. as […]

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