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Hello! As has been discussed on several occasions, I think it is important that the sysadmin responsibilities be taken over by something like a Tech Ops Team, both for the health and sustainability of, and for my own sanity. Here's how you can help: 1. If you have tech skills and time/interest to be involved, please join the [Tech WG on Loomio]( if you haven't already 2. Reply to the post about [Tech Ops Team: Responsibilities & Initial Documentation]( with any clarifying questions to help flesh out the documentation (hopefully @victormatekole will be able to transfer his knowledge about the setup as well). You can also [view the document]( directly. 3. Help test/choose/setup a [secure way to share passwords/keys]( 4. Figure out how to organise the Tech Ops Team (there are already a few ongoing dicussions about this in various WG) 5. Tell me who to provide access to (SSH to the servers, and accounts on various 3rd party services), and where to store the shared passwords/keys 6. The Tech Ops Team starts handling the Responsibilities A through G. 7. Profit! (i.e. make sustainable) **I would really appreciate if everyone can pitch in so we can try and reach step 6 by the end of the month, as I've now taken on a new job, and really need to free up more of my time.** Thank you!