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THOUSANDS more children may have been separated from their families at the US-Mexico border than previously reported.

Pennsylvania, the colony founded by William Penn in the late seventeenth century, has long been revered as a bastion of religious freedom...

THE EU will not bend. It has to be seen by its members and by third-party countries that it is consistent and fair in its application of the rules. I think the UK will crash out, causing lasting serious damage to itself, to this innocent country and to the world economy.

GINGER stayed home this week, but National editor Callum Baird was joined by Paul Kavanagh to discuss the latest in Scottish and UK politics.

IMPROVEMENT in oil price and continued stability in the oil and gas market has seen a 40% increase in the number of office lettings seen in 2018 compared to the year previously in Aberdeen.

ALDI are celebrating Scotland’s greatest bard with a staggering Specialbuy range, in a deal worth over £300,000 to the supermarket’s Scottish suppliers.

A SCOTTISH chocolate factory in Inverclyde has been awarded five stars from VisitScotland.

TWO prizes of £1000 are on offer for the finest farm woodlands in Scotland in the country’s annual Tree Oscars.

FOR the PM and her government to lose the vote on the “deal” by an unprecedented majority demonstrates failures and inabilities across the spectrum too numerous to lay out here. But in the process of the last two years-plus supposedly spent on “negotiations”, the biggest failure has been the failure to liaise, engage and negotiate across the parliament, parties and devolved nations.

THE Scotland subsample of YouGov's latest UK polling suggests a massive swing to the SNP.

FAR-RIGHT figure Tommy Robinson has attempted to confront an SNP MP in Glasgow.

HASSAN Nayebagha speaks fondly of his time as a club footballer in Iran and in the Iranian national team, when they met Ally MacLeod’s Scotland side in the 1978 Fifa World Cup in Argentina.

READER Ross Walker, co-editor of Revolution Scotland magazine (Letters, January 17), humorously tries to portray dithery Corbyn as some kind of “revolutionary” Angel Islington fudge factory and Sloan Ranger who’s aspirational dud reforms will lead the workers of the world into some kind of revolutionary solidarity all at the same time, all over the world on the same day. Who? Him?

I DIDN’T intend to spend my evening eavesdropping on one of Canada’s most prominent transgender rights activists. I was in Vancouver, attending a high-profile event featuring the country’s leading feminist journalist, and shortly after I took my seat I became aware of a running commentary from immediately behind me. I heard a nasal male voice pointing out “that poster woman” before issuing a barbed verdict: “She’s a lot more old and irrelevant than I thought.”

INDEPENDENCE activists should not wait for the starting gun for the second referendum but should be campaigning “positively and politely” now.

NICOLA Sturgeon has told MSPs that a delay to Brexit won’t kibosh her big announcement on a second independence referendum.

WATCHING the Brexit shenanigans it’s all too easy at times to despair of politicians as a breed.

IN 70 days the Article 50 negotiation period will expire and unless something changes, the UK will leave the European Union, with or without a deal. What happens in the next 70 days is anyone’s guess but it is sure to be the greatest crisis of the British state in modern history.

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