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Friendica Forum node is now on 2019.06-rc

Hello !Friendica Support
I switched the forum node to the current RC branch 2019.06-rc. The update went smoothly. If you notice any problems, please report them here or on GitHub.
Thanks a lot!

#friendica #forum #releasecandidate #github #support

Das ist z.B. einer der Gründe, warum ich #Friendica als soziales Netzwerk vorziehe ... die rechte Seite ist von jemanden auf Mastodon geteilt worden.


Ne ist direkt hier bei Friendica als Datei hochgeladen.
Das muss sich noch verbessern, die Video Einbindung in #Friendica

@Friendica Support is there a way to turn on notifications for likes? #friendica #help

Just updated my #Friendica instance to 2019.06-rc release 😀

dass man Ironie jetzt mit lol in der Sprache markiert. (…) Nicht meine Sprache,
Ja, die Sprache ist mir auch stark aufgefallen, "Diggi" scheint eine ganz geläufige Anrede zu sein (jedenfalls wird der Begriff nicht erklärt), aber ich habe ehrlich gesagt nicht erkennen können ob er höflich, freundschaftlich oder abwertend ist, ob er sich an jedes Geschlecht oder nur bestimmte richtet und auch nicht ob es von "digital" kommt oder von "digger" (also Bagger).
Als ich Menschen fragte, die jünger sind, sagten sie mir auch nur dass es "so ist wie Digger" aber "Digger" habe ich halt auch nicht verstanden -.-
Auf Jodel wird das Video gerade stark gehyped
Aaah, dann ist #Friendica bzw. das #fediverse vielleicht gar nicht der richtige Ort für sowas, weil tendentiell solche Netzwerke eher von Leuten benutzt werden, die ohnehin schon ein... show more

@Izaro #Friendica porque o cheiro era bon e eli estaba a rapasiaaadaaa! belesa!

@Jonne Haß So this is why your years-old posts have been popping up in my #Friendica feed all day yesterday?

Bild/FotoIzaro #Friendica wrote the following post Sun, 19 May 2019 10:37:01 +0200

The Raven

The Raven- Lou Reed (Edgar Allan Poe)
I love she who hates me more,
I love she who hates me more
and my soul shall not be lifted of that shadow, NEVERMORE
#Music #Poetry #LouReed #edgarallanpoe #theraven #Nevermore
lou reed the raven

Das Fediverse wurde 11 Jahre alt und mittlerweile tummeln sich so viele Plattformen und Communities die alle miteinander reden können oder wollen. #Friendica #Hubzilla #Mastodon #Pleroma# GNUSocial #Nextcloud #Writeas #Misskey #Osada #Plume #Funkwahle #Peertube #Pixelfed #Gettogether #mobilizon
Happy Birthday dear #Fediverse sorry to be a day late 😉 but we celebrated yesterday. Almost grown up now with 11 🎂

Personal bookmark:

I doubt I can apply it in its entirety to #Friendica without major rewrites, but I'll try my best!

#php #webdev #security

hat jemand eine #friendica gehostet und seine registration offen? bzw eine idee welche man nehmen kann und welche nicht



It may be a bit late, but I think I should do the #introduction thingy.

I've used #Twitter for almost 9 years, but I dislike it for the same reasons I dislike #Google, #Facebook and other big commercial data harvesters. I've run my own DNS, web, mail, chat and other servers for some 15 years, so I decided to get "my own Facebook and Twitter" as well.

After having tried #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla and #Mastodon, I'm now settling for Hubzilla. It may look a bit awkward and clunky when compared with Mastodon, but it does everything it should do, including talking to pretty much the entire world.

So... You'll still see me on Twitter (WoefdramCX), and I'll keep my Mastodon account @Hans van Zijst open for now, but this one here is "my" account.


Interesting Article on Free Speech and Censorship

While #Federated systems branch & bud to maintain #FreeSpeech in online #SocialNetworks, the "evil" Ad based Megalodons struggle with content moderation.
I'm not 100% sure how to moderate my own #Friendica servers when questionable content arises; I know how to delete posts, but it's hard to know why before they arise. My main plan is to not be an #Asshole.


FΓΆderation Statistik

Um mal wieder einen Blick von meiner Instanz zu geben, wie die Federation bzw das Fediverse aussieht folgende Statistik
Momentan kennt dieser Knoten 4.305 Knoten mit insgesamt 2.831.088 registrierten Nutzern, die die folgenden Plattformen verwenden:

Friendica (387/3487)
diaspora (297/663226)
red (6/81)
hubzilla (281/8895)
GNU Social (124/1390)
StatusNet (9/84)
Mastodon (2700/2121566)
pleroma (496/31310)
socialhome (4/1019)
ganggo (1/30)

#federation #fediverse #friendica #hubzilla #Mastodon #socialhome #pleroma #ganggo #diaspora #GNUSocial

utzer - 2019-05-15 07:36:43 GMT
How much chocolate do I have to bear to get @Michael Vogel to implement a function in #Friendica to keep URLs of imports (or hashes of them) to ensure that the same stuff ich not imported again after some time? 😉
@Friendica Support


Bollettino PaP STTS e aggregatore politico

condivido l'ultimo bollettino del tavolo Scienza tecnica e trasformazione sociale di PaP, principalmente incentrato sul tema Big Data.
Tra le altre cose c'è anche un mio articolo che espone il progetto di un aggregatore politico nella forma di un social network federato.​
Per questo progetto, autonomo da PaP, si è giá formato un piccolo gruppo, abbiamo preso un sever e installato Friendica, uno dei più evoluti SN open source per fare delle prove di sviluppo. Il software è in PhP e ha già implementate molte funzioni estremamente utili. Inoltre agisce con due protocolli he gli permettono di interagire con altri software come Mastodon, Diaspora, Pleroma, Hubzilla, GNUsocial..​ Chi fosse interessata/o a partecipare mi scriva in privato.

#politica #Italia #stts #friendica #social #fediverse #develope #politcs #php-developer

frage zu #friendica

gibt es da auch instanzen für leute die malen oder ist das egal

danke im vorraus

Friendica kann ich sehr empfehlen

#TwitterSperrt #Mastodon #Friendica #Fediverse

Leute! Ich geb den anderen ja Recht, die ebenfalls darauf hingewiesen haben:

Meckert nicht bloß über #TwitterSperrt, sondern nutzt doch einfach Alternativen wie #Mastodon auf oder #Friendica auf und kommt ins #Fediverse!

Can anyone recommend a good open-source Android authenticator app or three? I'm writing the two-factor authenticator help page for #Friendica but I don't know anything about the #Android ecosystem.

Diggin' #Friendica. Ability to connect to bird site is pretty cool at first thought.

Had to turn off "import #twitter stream" though. It just felt wrong.

I'll keep the ability to optionally cross post to the bird site...for now.

- #friendica #question: Does anyone know how to "hide" those markdowns (in white) that appear at the end of each phrase? u.u.
I'm using #ifttt & #webhooks


Gegen #Twittersperrt hilft übrigens #Mastodon, #Diaspora oder #Friendica. Die armen Irren (aka #Nerd|s) erzählen euch das schon seit Jahren, aber ihr wollt ja nicht hören, ergo müsst ihr jetzt lernen durch Schmerzen.

ahi vamos agarrandole la onda a #friendica.
poco a poco.

getting the hang of friendica.
little by little.

#fediverso #fediverse

To come back again on the term diaspora and the conversation with @Robert Rapplean .

In the end this is about:
And no, in order for a platform to truly promote free speech, they do not have to tolerate the speech of "XYZ".
What is "a platform"?
Diaspora* as a code?
Diaspora* as a community?
Can there be one diaspora community due to the idea of the code and federation itself?

In my opinion this idea or request comes from a mindset raised in single entity sites like g-less or fakebook and the perception of a common identity by using the same service. It does not apply to the idea of diaspora* in my opinion and doesn't have to.

In my opinion this is a request for a pod or a system of pods that adhere to a certain set of rules.

In the back end of #friendica for example there is an opt in option to restrict communication only with defined servers. I haven't seen the back end lately so I don't now if there is an option now to exclude servers from communication.

By "free market" I mean the idea that if there is a "real" need for something someone will come up with it. The word market has lot's of meanings. Just forget the rest of the capitalist ideas surrounding that concept.
How about "free bazaar"?

If diaspora really lives on and really grows it's likely that there will be pods for kids, unmoderated pods kinda 4chan like and probably blocking features to mute entire pods or tags for example. The problem we both see is that if it's in the back end for the podmin as a standard feature it will lead to censorship by law enforcement. So there is probably an important discussion to make if there should be a slim core d* code and independent addons, like it's managed by phpBB for example or #friendica. That way at least law enforcement would be obliged to bring out official rules for the use of the software itself exposing the "legal intervention".

If someone from #pleroma, #gnusocial, #hubzilla could reply to this thread :

with "this a test reply from xxxx" where xxxx is your network it would be great 😀
I did #Mastodon and #Diaspora but if I've forgotten other network who can read this message your are welcome 😀

the goal is to illustrate the network connectivity of #Friendica

thank you 😀

I've been DDOS by search bots from google, semrush and Ahrefs on my #friendica instance.
It is doing indexing of /search?tag=xxxx

I have to look how to avoid it, default robots.txt is too light !

I had a CPU load > 90 🙁

my #friendica backup gziped reached 1GB ... looks a lot to me after few monthes only.

Hm, dann muß das irgendein Föderationsproblem zu #Friendica sein

Steffen K9 🐰 - Sun Apr 28 10:05:08 +0000 2019 GMT
Edit: fixed a small typo in an URL #friendica #bugfix #release
Bild/Foto Friendica News 2019-04-28 09:56:24 2019-04-28 09:56:24
Friendica 2019.04 released
This release fixes a bug allowing unauthorised a
... show more

In case you missed it, the Friendica Directory and Hubzilla have moved to a new dedicated root server. The next steps will be to move the Friendica nodes and There will be a downtime and the DNS propagation might take some time, too.
#friendica #hubzilla #libranet #mordor #venera

!Libranet Support

Ich sehe nur deinen Kommtar.

Langsam verzweifel ich an der Technik. Der fragliche Kommentar kam von mir, hier sind alle 3 Beteiligten bei #Friendica. Man kann es also nicht auf die Föderation schieben, wenn Inhalte verschwinden.

Bild/FotoIzaro #Friendica wrote the following post Sat, 04 May 2019 10:14:37 +0200

A Bruxa De Mentira

A Bruxa De Mentira- Gilberto Gil e João Donato
A bruxa de mentira
Bombom de rapadura
Saborosa figura
A bruxa de mentira
#Music #ABruxaDeMentira #GilbertoGil #JoãoDonato #Brasil
Gilberto Gil - "A Bruxa De Mentira" - Raras E Inéditas (1977)


Hi, I'm Steve and I Endorse This Message

Deliciously light, with creamy theme inside.
Will not #meltdown like chocolate (and other unreliable things). Set up your node now.
Friendica - your yummy personal network! / source

#friendica #fediverse

Deliciously light, with creamy theme inside.
Will not #meltdown like chocolate (and other unreliable things). Set up your node now.
Friendica - your yummy personal network! / source

#friendica #fediverse

@Doug Senko Bild/FotoWelcome to you and greetings from #Friendica in the Fediverse. If you're interested you may find very basic information about decentralised social network HERE

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