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So I've started documenting everything I've done on my server to get it where it is...mainly because I've decided to start again from scratch when I eventually move to a dedicated server. The mail server section is long. Very long. Can't really publish it either at the mo as there's far too much plagiarism 😀 More for my own reference until I find the time to rewrite it all in my own words. It's basically many already existing tutorials merged together with a few tweaks where I've fixed things or implemented it slightly differently. It describes setting up postfix, dovecot, sieve, postfixadmin, along with securing it, strengthening it against spam, and integrating it with rspamd and clamav (with extra 3rd party signatures). All based on Ubuntu 18.04. I suspect that the next document I write describing MariaDB, PHP-FPM, Apache backend, Nginx reverse proxy, and Varnish is going to be longer still. Good job I find it interesting!

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Postfix reject Problem

Vielleicht kennt sich ja jemand hier mit #Postfix aus.

Folgendes: Ich bekomme beim senden einer Email an eine nicht vorhandene Adresse oft eine reject-Meldung (51x) direkt beim versenden. Ich möchte aber stattdessen lieber eine Bounce-Meldung bekommen. Wie kriege ich das hin?