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Twidere for Friendica

Because the question is asked every now and then... Yes, there are apps for Friendica.

From "about Features" on
Basic Twitter/GNU Social API provides easy access from a growing number of mobile and third party applications (Twidere, AndStatus, Bitlbee, Choqok, Frentcl, Gwibber, Hotot, IdentiCurse, Pidgin/Purple, Mustard, Pino, TTYtter, and more)
Clients for Android, SailfishOS and Windows

There is also a native app for Android called Friendiqa.

I prefer and personally use the Twitter/GnuSocial/Mastodon App Twidere on Android mostly for getting notifications about interactions and sharing posts and images while using a mobile device.
Twidere has the ability to set up multiple user accounts and also has a nice automatic day/night mode.

Twidere light/day theme

Twidere dark/night theme

And here is a nice blog post about how to set up Twidere for Friendica:

@Libranet Support #friendica #app #api #android #twidere


Twidere / API

Did we change anything in the API? Because since yesterday the automatic update of the "Interactions" tab works in Twidere. 😀
I had the problem that it only worked once after installation. I always had to clear the cache to make it work again.

!Friendica Support #twidere #android #app

I really love #twidere as a multi-account, combined tab client.. i wish there was a linux desktop equivalent.

Didn't work so well with my friendica node but I think thats down to performance issues at my end.


Twidere image upload

@Friendica Support I can't post pictures from the #Twidere #Android client. Just text works fine. I checked the Apache error log, but there's nothing there that corresponds to my IP address. Is there an additional setting or plugin that's required to make this work?


twidere and images ...

Moin! I'm testing #twidere. What is failing is posts with images. I see the following in the logs:

2018-05-31T15:23:04Z@log5b101358c29850.71726118 [NORMAL]:api.php:178:api_login  OAuthException: Invalid consumer key in /var/www/friendica/library/OAuth1.php:615
Stack trace:
#0 /var/www/friendica/library/OAuth1.php(561): OAuthServer->get_consumer(Object(OAuthRequest))
#1 /var/www/friendica/include/api.php(168): OAuthServer->verify_request(Object(OAuthRequest))
#2 /var/www/friendica/include/api.php(303): api_login(Object(Friendica\App))
#3 /var/www/friendica/mod/api.php(117): api_call(Object(Friendica\App))
#4 /var/www/friendica/index.php(368): api_content(Object(Friendica\App))
#5 {main}
2018-05-31T15:23:04Z@log5b101358c29850.71726118 [NORMAL]:api.php:306:api_call   API call for Paulo da Silva: api/media/upload.json
2018-05-31T15:23:04Z@log5b101358c29850.71726118 [NORMAL]:api.php:307:api_call   API parameters: Array
    [pagename] => api/media/u
... show more


So geht #Twidere mit #Friendica

Habe es heraus gefunden:
1. Neues Konto anlegen
2. URL der Friendica-Instanz mit einem "/api" eingeben (z.B.
3. Kontoart: StatusNet
4. Authentifizierungstyp: Basic (Achtung, das ist der vorletzte RadioButton, und nicht der Letzte in der Reihe)
5. Haken bei "Kein Versionszusatz"Bild/Foto

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